Friday, June 06, 2008

Blue Heaven

After a week of chilly rains and heavy, grey skies I'm feeling more like a rain forest gardener than the usual high plains desert rat.

If you ask me... this growing season is off to a dreary start. The yard squishes like a giant mud pie, tilling and seeding plans are on hold. Last night I heard the sorriest sound of all: the furnace starting up in June!
My little flowering friends have an entirely different perspective on the weather. They're in 7th Heaven!

Tall, lush, laden with blooms... these gals have never had it so good. And, that's got me feeling a teeny tiny bit guilty because my older perennials usually get watered once a week...

What I've learned from murdering many a flower...
Waterwise plants are not waterwise as babies. They get that way over time, by sinking roots deep into the soil to collect more water.
- First summer water every other day.
- Second year every 3-4 days.
- By the third summer you've trained them well so now you can start abusing them! Older waterwise perennials do fine with a deep weekly soak, though extra water results in more blooms.

PS: There's no point in training Petunias.

1 comment:

Wunx~ said...

Is that because petunias just aren't very smart?

Your flower photos are lovely. If you'd like more feverfew, let me know and I'll dig you some more when you can plant it.