Sunday, June 08, 2008


True confessions: Try as I might, I just don't care for Hosta. That's why baby blue Brunnera fills my shady spaces...Brunnera is often called a false Forget Me Not. Usually by people like me who forget about her each and every growing season. That is, until I stroll past her when she's covered with these little blue flowers.

This inspires a contortionist act of lying flat in the mud, taking pictures from every angle. There's lots of reasons to fall in love with Brunnera. Those silver, heart-shaped leaves are pretty as a picture. She never needs fertilizer or special care and that fits neatly into my lazy gardener agenda.

Then there's the amazing fact that this dainty little darling handles -40 (F) degree winters without blinkin' an eye...

Brunnera macrophylla is aptly named 'Jack Frost' - winter hardy to zone 3. Tiny, true blue flowers cover this pretty plant for the month of June (mountains) or May for lucky gardeners at normal elevations.


Anonymous said...

Hey, would you mind sharing a bit of this with your shade gardener friend? I'd love to give it a try. KC

thismngardener said...

hmm-this sounds like something I should try for my back patio area! (all shade, hardy enough for MN winters)