Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tulip Mania

My tulip garden is looking magnificent.

With any luck I'll have 5, maybe 6, Parrots and Darwins adding bright cheery color in the month of May.

Confused? Are you thinking this is my garden??


These are more photos from the super fantabulous Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival that I attended multiple times because I just couldn't get enough of these luscious spring colors.

If I live to be 102 I won't see a tulip display like this in my yard.

Unless, of course, they could hybridize a Non-Delectable Tulip! One that deer, moose, elk, skunks, squirrels, rodents and even Bad Dog* finds repulsive.

Why haven't they done that? They've done everything else to these bulbs... like offering such irresistible colors I plant some every year knowing ~ at best ~ 1 or 2 bulbs might survive the critters.

* Everyone recommends bone meal as fertilizer when you plant tulip bulbs. If Bad Dog gets a whiff of that, he'll dig 'em all up and eat a few of them, too.

* Which end is up? Darned if know! When in doubt plant flower bulbs sideways.

Hot Tip for Locals!
Tulip bulbs are perennials but Thanksgiving Point doesn't seem to care. They dig up probably 10,000 Tulip bulbs every year and sell the bulbs to normal people like you and me for a dollar a dozen. End of May. Please come late to the sale. Because I plan to get there early and grab every pink parrot bulb I see!


KC said...

Fabulous photos Kate. I missed FAC but hope you have had a fun week.

Garden Mad said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful tulips - I planted about 100 tulips last year but only about half flowered. Don't know what happened to the rest - maybe they are waiting to surprise me next year!

Granny J said...

Your list of critters who pig out on tulips is far longer than mine, but, let's face it, the javelina are quite adequate to get ride of tulips in a hurry.