Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Weed Garden

Drifts of Meadow Phlox are blooming in the wild areas of my backyard.
(These pretty girls are most definitely not weeds.)

Casualties of War: Got so feisty with the weeds that I broke my trusty companion, the pitchfork.

Ever notice how professional gardens are named after the one special flower they're highlighting?

The Rose Gardens, The Lily Gardens... It's for this reason I've decided the only fitting name for mine is The Weed Garden.

'Twas a pivotal moment, I'll give you that.

Last Monday, I marched outdoors vacillating on a very big decision. I could... put the house up for sale and run away. Or, roll up my sleeves and pay the price for a full summer (last year) of ignoring my weeding chores.

Pay no attention to the crabgrass in these photos. Once I conquered that mess, I found a bunch of grateful Grape Hyacinth.

Sunny side up: Heirloom Eggs & Bacon Daffodils weren't terribly concerned about my lazy ways. That's why I love heirlooms. They're used to abuse.

Hazel calls these perky little Primrose 'plastic flowers.'

They do look fake, but I assure you they're not. Primrose blooms in horrendously bright purple and pink, long before my Daffodils.

Amazing what you find once the weeds are all gone!

When did I plant Bluebells???

*These flowers probably bloomed a month ago for you lucky gals at lower elevations. Mountain gardens get off to a slow start. Though, I feel I'm off to a great start. I'm tired, sore, exhausted from a week of hard work. And, not the least bit willing to walk out there this morning to see all the crafty weeds I probably missed!

PS: One cannot live by bulbs alone. I adore these masses of tiny yellow flowers ~ early spring blooming, Alyssum Basket of Gold:


Granny J said...

I have mixed feelings about "weeks". On the one hand, when I plant x, what I want in my pot is a plant of x, not a miscellany of green stuff. On the other hand, I've found that weed photography is a very satisfying pursuit.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Now that I've christened my flower beds the weed garden I might have to start doing lots of weed photography, too. :D