Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mrs. Moose

We gardeners spend a good bit of time worrying about how to keep wildlife from gobbling our gardens. But then a day like this comes along... when you peer over the top deck and meet the sweetest of all visitors.

It certainly inspires me to calm down a bit when I see that another young aspen tree has become the evening meal.
It's rare for a moose to have twins and I imagine that poses a difficult set of challenges. Perhaps that's why Mom let them sleep in a yard where she knows she's welcome and no harm will come to her kids.

Moose Munchies:
Did you know...? A mother moose needs about 50 pounds of food a day. So, she's not trying to be destructive. She's just hungry and thinks all greenery is fair game. Scatter some apples or plant a willow tree in a spot where it's okay if it gets shredded. That might convince Mrs. Moose to leave your aspen seedlings alone.


Gail said...

Oh how sweet, what a treat to see this up close and personal. Twins, to cool.

Wunx~ said...

And you are going to be very careful and not let yourself or GoodDog get close enough to Mama Moose to get stomped. Right?

thismngardener said...

wow wow-nothing like that here to be sure!