Friday, August 11, 2006

Goldenrod Solidago

It seems to be the turning point, signaling summer is winding down. Bright, golden flowers bloom along the hiking trails, adjacent to my home. This wild variety will reach four feet high and flower through early autumn.

Sneezing a lot lately?
Goldenrod* kicks off the allergy season, big time.

Cultivated versions are more compact, well-behaved - great late-bloomers for your garden. Golden-yellow, feathery clusters of flowers hit their stride right when other perennials peter out.

Crushed flowers, of wild varieties, have a delicious, anise-scented aroma.
  • The Cherokees used it for fevers.
  • Herbalists brew it for tea.
  • Boyfriend buggin' ya? Cures flatulence, too.

Pair Goldenrod with late-blooming purple Asters for a bold, end-of-the-summer show.

*Goldenrod Solidago, USDA zones 5-9, is an August- September bloomer available in many varieties. Cultivated hybrids emit less pollen. Asters and Goldenrod are available from High Country Gardens.

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