Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kit Cat Reunion

Do cats live forever? I think this one does. I've got a sorely-neglected English Garden at a rental property in town. I was madly pulling weeds over there, when I felt the familiar brush of my old friend's fur.

Cleo and I were good buddies 5 years ago when I lived at this duplex. She still stops by to say hello whenever she spots me in the yard.

Turn an old cat into a playful kitty by planting a little Catmint. It's more mellow than catnip, quite beautiful in your garden, irresistible to kitty cats. They love to rub against it and sometimes nibble on the minty, lemon-scented flowers.

Catmint is an English Garden classic, covered with long spikes of blue/violet blooms for most of the summer. I like to pair mine with Rose Queen (pink) Salvia for bright contrast.

If you have outdoor kitties, plant a little catmint. It's the perfect place for an afternoon nap. (Not for you, for the cats. :-)

* Nepeta Six Hills Giant Catmint (USDA zones 5-9) will reach 3 feet high, with a 4-foot bushy spread of beautiful flowers. Available from Monrovia.

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