Friday, August 18, 2006

Ornamental Grasses

It's always nice when someone stops to praise your garden. This year, I've been getting lots of compliments on the ornamental grasses.

I live on a popular bike route - one of those deceiving, gradual uphills. By the time cyclists get to my house, they'll come up with any excuse to stop peddling and chat.

While they catch their breath, they rave about the lush, lovely grasses down by the road and oh, are they hard to grow and how did you get them to be so healthy?

The thing is... I don't have any ornamental grasses. Those are called weeds. So, I thank them sincerely and make a quick exit before they start asking the hard questions. Someday that spot will be a pretty garden. Until then, I'll keep up the charade by letting clumps of them grow tall and weed-wacking the rest. I figure... what the tourists don't know, can't hurt 'em....

* There are dozens of varieties of ornamental grasses that provide great texture to garden designs. Nature Hills has a terrific selection for most zones.

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