Friday, August 04, 2006

Tall Boys

I was shocked, I tell you! Shocked! To discover there are people in this great nation of ours who have never heard of Tall Boys.

For those of you who are socially challenged, Tall Boys are 16 oz. beers best enjoyed ice cold after a strenuous workout... such as walking to the convenience store to buy one!

Tall boys in my garden are bright, yellow sunflowers, stretching their necks to the sky. There are hundreds of varieties of sunflowers. If you really want to show off to the neighbors, plant Russian Giants.*

They tower up to 15 feet high, with big, yellow faces the size of a dinner plate. And, they just love the hot, hot sun. Watching 'em bake out there puts me in the mood for a cold one.

* Plant annual sunflowers by seed. They grow so fast it's not worth paying for the potted plants. Thompson & Morgan gives you free sunflower seeds with any plant order!

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