Thursday, August 24, 2006

Growing Plumeria

Rachel wrote in looking for tips on growing Plumeria. I'm thrilled to meet a fellow Utahn who loves Plumeria as much as I do!

Plumeria is surprisingly easy to grow. They love the hot sun. Need a little extra water and must be stored in your garage during our cold Utah winters.

Plumeria grows from seed but it takes forever - 4 years, at least - to first flowers. The fastest way is to start with a cutting. If you've been to Hawaii, you've probably seen these small canes for sale in tourist shops. They don't look like much but they root very easily. Just stick them in a pot, in a sunny window, or outdoors in summer. Water every 3 days or so. They typically bloom the following year. (A rooting hormone gets them off to a quick start.)

Plumeria is a tropical plant and will die if exposed to temperatures colder than 40 degrees (F). They can overwinter, without water or sunlight, in your garage. (They look terrible, like they're dead, but they come back beautifully the following summer.) I maintain mine as a container plant so I can move them back and forth.

Tip: A high phosphate fertilizer (5-32-5) keeps them blooming most of the summer.

* Click here to visit the Maui Plumeria Gardens.

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Truckbeard said...

Thank you for all the information on Plumerias. I plan to add one to my flower collection soon.