Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jane's Addiction

"I really love the 'staging' of my flowers throughout the season. And, I like to linger out there... pulling weeds, deadheading. I savor every new little bud. Plus, the butterflies and hummingbirds ... they really make my day."

Truth be told, if I'd known more people like Jane when I lived in Minnesota, I might not have moved. Gardeners have a special bond because we know the secrets of nurture and nature. It's fun to watch things grow.

Jane and I lived parallel lives, though we didn't know it until today. When she was ten, her folks gave her a little garden spot and encouraged her to get creative. At about the same time, 500 miles west, I was being sentenced to hard labor pulling weeds in my family's garden. I fell in love with flowers and she did, too. We've been playing in the mud ever since. (And, lucky for us, we both have daughters to help with the weeding!)

Tips and tricks from a Minnesota gardener:
Sprinkle Morning Glory seeds into backyard pots and let them flower however they please.

These dainty little climbers will re-seed but next year's crop is too leggy. Plant new Morning Glories every year for spectacular blooms.

Asiatic Lilies* are a popular choice for zone 4 gardens. Choose a combination of early, mid-season, and late-blooming cultivars, for bright color from June through September.

After a long, cold Minnesota winter, it's hard to remember what you planted where. Northern Gardening offers a FREE downloadable garden journal so you can keep track of all your flowering friends.

* Buy the best Asiatic Lilies from Jackson & Perkins. A packet of annual Morning Glory seeds will set you back a whole dollar, available at Target.

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