Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tonight's Menu: Quaking Aspens

Look who came for dinner at my friend's house last night!

Young saplings - especially Quaking Aspen Trees - are to moose as chocolate cake is to you or me (irresistible!) Steve, Sandy and I all planted new, young trees this year. Maybe that's why we're getting visitors.

At 6 foot tall and over a thousand pounds it's hard to tell a moose to shoo. But why would you want to? They're magnificent.

Bring a moose to the office. Click here.

* Fact: A Bull Moose, in his prime, can defend himself against an entire pack of timberwolves, but the only time a Moose will hurt you is when you're acting like an idiot. Moose have only one predator - hunters. If you're one of those kind of people don't come around here. We love these big, sweet guys. You're much more likely to get shot during hunting season than they are.

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compteacher said...

And thank goodness they didn't even eat the saplings. We were asking them "please don't eat the new trees" and they listened and ate some weeds and lots of grass and had a nice rest and were gone when we woke up.