Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deep Blue Pearls

Campanula Deep Blue Pearl

Garden Vultures: Time to swoop! Giggled a gardening friend who, like me, circles and waits for the screaming deals at the end of the planting season.

We pounced on a $2 table of Deep Blue Pearl Bellflowers. They, of course, are not the slightest bit blue but the name did have me longing for another trip to the ocean.

Plus, it gave me a pretty good excuse to spread my sand dollar collection into the garden.

Earlier this month, we were goofing off on the Oregon coast. There's lots of fun things to do out there, but when I'm there I pretty much specialize in doing nothing at all. Other than comb the shore to collect sand dollars.
Campanula Deep Blue Pearls are dainty little perennials, hardy to -40 (F). They flower most of the summer, with deadheading. I planted these shade lovers under one of the few trees that seems to be flourishing in the backyard.

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