Friday, August 01, 2008

Hot Cha Cha

Moonshine & Paprika Yarrow are diggin' these hot, hot days.

In the midst of a heatwave the best or the worst of us can shine through. The big girls in my flower gardens think this weather is simply divine.

The young pups I planted this spring are screaming for mercy and I am, too.
Munstead Lavender perks up when the temps hit 90.

I really hate hot weather. It makes me want to kill something so this was a good day to pull the most hated of weeds. I felt very lonely while I was out there, sweating like a little piglet. Then I looked around and discovered why. The cats and the dog had ditched me for the comfort of the air-conditioned house. (Slackers, one and all!)
I inherited this tall, (30 inch) reddish-orange beauty from the English Garden I tend in town. Any thoughts on what could it be? The balls are clusters of tiny, star-shaped flowers that range from yellow orange to red.

Hot Weather Watering:
"Water should be applied thoroughly, when given, and then withheld until the plant is nearly dry again. This produces strong growth, well-ripened wood, capable of producing healthy blooms. To keep a plant consistently wet may produce quick growth, but it will be a soft growth, incapable of the best results." - Ida D. Bennett, The Flower Garden, 1904.


Wunx~ said...

Lychnis chalcedonica
would be my guess.

Iron Needles said...

Otherwise known as a Maltese Cross? I spent all day trying to think of it!