Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malva: Miniature Hollyhocks

Zebrina Malva resembles a miniature Hollyhock.

Ooh, I'm all excited. Every time I check my email I get another taker for the Hollyhock seeds. I'm so glad. I always have so many seeds left over and I just hate to throw them away. They should be dry in another couple weeks so look for your care packages then! (OmegaMom - yes, I do have yellow.)
Purple Satin Mallow has a longer bloom time ~ about 3-4 feet tall.

And, this is for you Ellen. Okay so you've got a yard the size of a postage stamp (you really need to send pictures of this... :-) So, regular Hollyhocks won't work but miniature ones will.

Sometimes called Mallow and other times Malva, these little gals are bright August bloomers that reach 2-4 feet high. Bumblebees love 'em and you might, too!
Mallow, Malva, I don't really know what the difference is but they're pretty little bloomers in tight spots where you need some height. Zones 4-8. Not fussy about soil. Full sun.


Anonymous said...

We had those little purple mallows in our garden in Flagstaff; they're lovely.

Wunx~ said...

I love the Zebrinas; they make me think of ice cream with boysenberry syrup. Yum!

Learning about Flowers said...

I am wanting to use my miniature hollyhock for my daughters 4-H project, can you help me with the name so I can do some research for her project. I have pictures if you have an e-mail address I could send them to, I received starts from my husbands grandma and just not sure on the actual name. Thanks, Jennifer

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Jennifer;
I'd be happy to help. Just send me a note to kate dot miller 57 at gmail dot com :)