Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pig & Ford

If you call my home phone today a young boy will answer, loud and proud: "DOG SITTER!"

Andy's a good kid but he drives a hard bargain.

For the princely sum of 5 bucks a day, he'll stop over at the house these next few mornings to check on the pets. (The cats refuse to speak to him, so I hardly see how this interaction could be worth 50 cents a cat.)

Then he tries to convince Bad Dog to take a walk on a leash. (This is where I recoup my money, big time.) Bad Dog's attitude toward the leash is a lot like my feelings about bikinis. Ain't never gonna happen. BD is easily shelling out 5 dollars worth of torment to Andy each day that I'm gone.

Two states away, we're anxiously trolling the streets of Tillamook, Oregon in hopes of finding a scalper with a few extra tickets to the Pig and Ford competition.

This is a Model T car race and you can't enter unless you have a pig in the passenger's seat (and I do mean a real, live, and somewhat competitive pig.)

We're at the Tillamook County Fair! The only place I know where the horse races are a snooze and pig races are a sellout. I'm puttin' my money on Swifty. With a name like that, how can I lose?


Wunx~ said...

Now I'm jealous. I want ot see Pig and Ford races!

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having fun. I hope you win big on your bet! I spent the morning with other MG at the County Fair checking in produce. It will be quite a competition this year between Val and John.KC

marci357 said...

You don't need scalper tickets to get in to see the Pig and Ford Races - It's free with the price of admission to the Fair! Just pay to get in at the entry booths, and it's ALL free, including the evening intertainments - Country singers Rod Atkins, Steve Holy, and Sawyer Brown....and don't forget the races, and the Demolition Derby! no extra fees! Is that great, or what :)

And enjoy your stay in Moo-town, aka Tillamook!

I wanna be Rob Mills said...

Hey if I had known you were coming to Oregon I would of driven up to meet you. I have been enjoying your website for a while now.

Hope you have a gret time.