Friday, July 18, 2008

Lovely Lilies & Lazy Days

Wild Sego Lilies are blossoming all over the trails.

Hi! You haven't updated your blog for days. Are you sick or something? -Rod

No ~ not sick. Just tired. A deep down in my bones kind of tired like I've never experienced before. Too tired to pull weeds. Too tired to write. Too tired do much of anything.

Not so wild Asiatic Lilies compete for attention in my own garden.

I was thinking about that last night as Meg & I rode up into the high mountain meadows. Meg (horse extraordinaire) is part Tennessee Walker so she prances and dances like a wind up toy.

The meadows have a bumper crop of Sego Lilies this year thanks to our record breaking winter snowfall.

Only last night even Meg was moving kind of slow. As if my weariness had rubbed off onto her. I'm not sure what's wrong with me, though a breath of fresh air is always good for what ails you. Particularly right now when the Segos are in bloom. If you are fortunate enough to see Sego Lilies blooming wild in the meadows you are a lucky person, indeed.

If you don't live in a place where Mother Nature does the gardening for you, consider planting a bag of Lily bulbs in your own garden.

There's Oriental Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Day Lilies, breathtaking and badly named Toad Lilies (photo.) Even the sadly unappreciated Ditch Lily who will happily bloom without water or love. Each and everyone of them should bring a smile to your face when they're blossoming in your garden.

PS: Thanks for the e-card, Rod.


Wunx~ said...

Ooh, ahh, sego lilies. Very nice photos Kate.

Maybe you and Megan need to take off your saddles and roll on your backs in the grass, kicking your legs in the air...

Iron Needles said...

I loved segos the first time I saw them hiking the foothills.

Wunx~ paints an interesting picture...

Take care.

OmegaMom said...

I was worried, too. Time off is a good thing!

The segoes look like the mariposa lilies that carpet the high chapparral area where my mom lives when there's been a good winter.