Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Longing for Lazy Days

Mr. Bumble on the Catmint

In summers past, I would generally wake before dawn and immediately head outdoors in my jammies. I'd sneak about the garden with a cup o' joe in one hand and my trusty deadheading scissors in the other ~ happily inspecting the flowers and making plans for little projects to tackle later in the day.

Pink Dianthus

This gardening season I'd sleep 'til noon if the alarm would let me. And, there is no such thing as a small project. First there was a new sprinkler system. Then we painted the house. Now a new fence is going in. A tall fence that, with any luck, will keep Bad Dog from being any badder than he already is.

Another Dianthus!

All work, no play:
While watching Mr. Bumble flit about the Catmint, it dawned on me why I've been so crabby lately. It's because I'm not flitting about the flowers. I've been so busy scratching one big thing after another off my to-do list that I'm not having any fun!

Starting tomorrow all that's gonna change. I'm going back to the way things used to be - when I started every morning with the best of intentions and rarely, if ever, accomplished a thing.

My Favorite Dianthus

* Dianthus varieties (there are 100s to choose from) have burst into bloom all over the gardens. I love these easy-growing gals! USDA zones 5-9, she's a goodie for my low nutrient alkaline soil.

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Iron Needles said...

I enjoy being in the yard in the morning with coffee, deadheading, and pulling a weed here and there. More often than not, I have to put my cup down for something that takes two hands, and it's cold by the time I remember where I put it.

So worth it!

Saturday is about the only such day I get.