Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Park City Nursery

Lately locals have been asking me for hot tips on where to buy cool stuff. So, this blog is dedicated to Anne and her friends, the owners of my favorite spot, the Park City Nursery.
In earlier years, whenever I had a hard day I'd stop by the animal shelter and play with the puppies. It was a guaranteed mood booster. Then I broke down and bought a puppy and now I'm not allowed to go back there anymore.

These days my mood booster is the Park City Nursery. I feel so fortunate to have this cute little nursery in my tiny town. Their motto is 'we know what grows' and they most definitely do. Half the flowers you see in my gardens were scooped up at the PC Nursery.

It is filled to overflowing with every blooming thing plus tools, toys, and fun gadgets we all desperately need for our gardens.

In my little town, Wednesdays are play days. First, I stroll through the nursery and try very hard not to buy anything. (That never works.)
Then we head up the road about a mile to the Farmer's Market to do the grocery shopping. Later, we mosey over to the park to listen to a free concert by local musicians.

By days end, the car is loaded down with flowers, food and anything else that catches my fancy and fits the budget. This week was no exception. The first raspberries have ripened, baskets of colorful bell peppers, fresh from the vine. Plus some of this ugliest heirloom tomatoes I've ever seen (which guarantees great flavor!)

This was a good day.

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