Monday, July 21, 2008

Johnson's Blue Geraniums

At the BBQ last night, my flowers were looking like a million bucks and I was, too. Mostly because I haven't updated my wardrobe in quite some time.

You see, I could devote an hour I don't have trying on all sorts of clothes in my closet. Or, I could make it easy on myself with the one thing that almost always serves me well - that tried and true little black dress.
I've got a couple easy buttons for the garden, too. Sure, I could waste enormous amounts of time and effort trying to achieve the nearly impossible goal of an all-summer-long blooming perennial garden.

Or, I could make it easy on myself by planting my favorite little workhorse, Johnson's Blue Geraniums, next to short-blooming perennials who run out of steam far too quickly.
Johnson's Blue blooms purple - another fine bit of evidence confirming it was a color blind botanist who named these plants, way back when.

But, that's okay... What we really should care about is how she blooms from May to September, providing a pretty backdrop for rosy Jupiter's Beard, pink Phlox, white Daisies, yellow Coreopsis and more. Around this joint, everything looks prettier posing next to a clump of Johnson's Blue.

Bonus! She happily weeds herself and hardly ever gets mad when I forget to water her.

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