Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1 Big Thing Off My List...

The house painting project is done!

We painted everything ~ walls, trim, decks, doors, dog, cat ~ anything that got in our way is now a lovely shade of sage green.

We even painted one of the neighbor kids though I assure you that was not intentional.

He had fair warning that we weren't terribly skilled with the paint sprayer. As usual he refused to listen.

Bad Dog made his mark.

And, I made mine. To celebrate my Irish roots a brightly colored door now sticks out like a sore thumb.

The entire house used to be a sore thumb so I consider this a big improvement!


Iron Needles said...

Congrats on the 'one big thing' done. House painting is one big fat chore, that's for sure. Like your colors, too. We painted ours a forest-y green with a yellow door, so we sort of look like a bruise amounst the pastels of the neighborhood. I am sure they love us!

Wunx~ said...

And a very fine paint job it is. I especially like the GoodDog paw prints on the deck.