Friday, April 13, 2007

As Luck Would Have It

Strolling around my garden, this morning, I started thinking about how I wished I could be like my flowers: focused and quiet, plodding along on an easy timetable to create beautiful blooms in the coming months.

I always wanted to be born in April. April signals rebirth, a new beginning. The clean, fresh air and warmth of April is exhilirating, leading me to believe that pretty much anything is possible. (Bonus: People born in April are relatively sane!)

According to my horoscope, my rear end is firmly planted in my 9th House of Big Ideas. If you're a Libra, like me, you have probably already discovered that your infernal optimism and openness to all things risky is the bane of your existence...
  • I have taken on a construction project I can't afford to finish.
  • My window sills are overflowing with root-bound perennials that won't survive 'til planting season.
  • I've got 2 short weeks to get my sorry ass in shape for a marathon bike trip, when I haven't been on a bike in nearly a year.
  • I could go on and on...
That's the problem with being a Libra. We gamble on the future, never learning from our mistakes. Because we firmly believe a miracle will happen and everything will turn out okay. Reality is the perk for those astrological signs that lack imagination.

So, we are what we are and there's no changing that. Still, I sit here this morning wishing I’d followed through on that desire to become a magician back when the world made perfect sense - back when I was eight. Perhaps at times like this, when miracles are becoming mandatory, I’d have better tricks up my sleeve.

(Read the Witless Wanderer. She has some good observations about why we can't always get what we want.)

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