Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pretty In Pink

Interesting that the Pink Moon should become 'full' on the day my good friend, Bev, celebrates her milestone birthday. It's a milestone 'cause she's heading into the best 12 months of her entire life. She just doesn't know that, yet. She's going to Nepal with me. And, while she's currently feeling that life might be over, she'll soon discover that there is much life left to live.

And, she will also finally figure out what the rest of us slackers already know - that it is entirely possible to live well and never 'work' again.

Whenever I think of Bevy, I think of the color pink. Part of that is jealousy. I can't wear pink and pull it off, but she can. In much the same way she pulls off a lot of things that leave me feeling slightly in awe of her unbridled energy and courage.

Flowers remind me of people and the shell pink Dianthus reminds me of her. It's an unassuming flower so sometimes it takes awhile for folks to notice. But once you do, you see a beauty that takes your breath away.

I know you're blue. Which is why I'm writing this for you. Because you're doing the same thing I'm doing - looking at life all wrong. Do you know where this quote came from? Under the brilliant light of this Pink Full Moon, celebrate your birthday and remember...

"Your destiny is always up in those stars.
All you have to do is look at them and ponder…
And you’ll realize where it is you should be going."

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, 1995.
Body and soul, you haven't aged a day.

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