Friday, April 20, 2007


In honor of Earth Day, 4/22, we're looking for new uses for items that would be heading to the recycle bin. It's what we call upcycling.

Wunx had such a clever idea, I thought I should pass it along. Two-litre, plastic Coke bottles make great, temporary planters for big perennials who have outgrown their seed pots.

Have you ever noticed that most of the perennials you purchase from the garden shops have a thick, circular matt of roots at the bottom of the pot? They won't change their bad habits, when placed in the ground. These 12-inch deep 'planters' allow plenty of wiggle room for a healthy root system.

Buddy up to the neighbors who have teenage kids. It's your best bet for finding left over soda bottles. Don't bother with the neighbors who have younger kids. They're still slightly brainwashed by Mom & Dad. (They probably haven't figured out that the stories about juice being 'better' than soda are lies, all lies.)

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