Monday, April 02, 2007

A Promise of Spring

I woke, longing for dullness. And, that means the crazy train must be pulling back into the station. Life's been a little too interesting, lately. Time for me to plant two feet firmly on the ground.

In springtime, the walls of our home expand as quickly as the temperature rises. I no longer feel claustrophobic. I open the door and step outside, shivering in the early morning light.

Tiny blooms of yellow and lavender grace the sunniest part of the yard – tough little Crocus defying frigid temperatures, snow and ice. Thin green shoots are popping up all over – daffodils, tulips, iris and lilies. Covered in earth last year, 300 bulbs gave little indication of all my hard work - or the beautiful clutter we’d see, come spring. Now they are everywhere! It’s exciting to see they survived our long winter. With a pretty promise of better things to come.

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Anonymous said...

Hi-I was just going to take such a picture from yesterday's snow, so glad I saw this first. I think all the growing flowers survived, was a light dusting-Jane