Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hot House Flowers

Hundred of flights have been cancelled due to a fabulous winter storm out east. Here, in the mountains, where we like to play in the snow, we're begging for such things. Instead, we're parading our lily white legs around in short shorts, wondering if we should turn the sprinklers on early. (Please don't.)

Meanwhile, back at the nursery, my babies are crying for attention. Help is on the way. I was just informed there is a plant swap next Thursday - where I can put the most unruly ones up for adoption - down in the valley, where gardening season has begun.

In prior years, my seedlings minded their manners, growing slowly in a cold, winter window. This year, they are a month ahead of the game. It just never occurred to me that the unseasonably warm temperatures outside would translate to hot house conditions inside.

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