Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Eating the Tulip Bulbs?

At dawn, my wayward friend climbed back into bed, snuggling against me in an effort to warm his chilly hide. It annoyed me for barely a moment. I draped a blanket over his damp body and fell back asleep.

That cat, my Mother used to say, is not worth the fur he's printed on.

She's got a point... We had an agreement. Unrestricted freedom in exchange for a nightly patrol of the garden perimeter. His job is to keep the critters from eating my tulip bulbs.

Dine & Dash:
Near as I can figure I've donated at least 50 bulbs to the wildlife who determined I've got a slacker for a night watchman.

High mountain gardening tips I should have followed:
  • Sharp gravel around the bulbs improves drainage and deters critters.
  • Cover newly planted bulbs with wire mesh.
  • Surround your tulips with daffodils and frittilaria. Critters hate the smell of these bulbs.
  • And, I hate to rain on your parade but even if you do all of this and they bloom, your troubles are just beginning. I met a new lady Moose last spring who was utterly thrilled with the tulips that did survive.

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