Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Glory of the Snow

The real 'glory' of this morning's freshly fallen snow is the knowledge I couldn't possibly get back on my bike for another training ride. For that, this aching body is eternally grateful.

Dwarf, six petalled flowers are peeping through a blanket of white. C. forbesii, Glory of the Snow, is proof positive there's more to a spring garden than Daffodils and Tulips.

Small, lily-like blooms poke their heads through melting snowdrifts, gracing my garden with a month-long show of icy blue flowers.

They do their best work in a sunny location though most bulb companies recommend partial shade.

Naturalizes beautifully, critter resistant...
Bonus: Drought tolerant after flowering.
What's not to love?

* Plant Glory of the Snow bulbs in late autumn. Available in blue, pink and white. USDA zones 3-8. Blue is the wild variety, blooming first and blooming longer. Before you invest in white, think about it... If they peek through white snow, how would you ever see them?