Saturday, August 16, 2008

Troy Toys & Butterfly Dreams

The tiniest things can spark the biggest ideas. I've never seen a true, blue butterfly in my garden before. But, I have two of them this summer. They seem quite fond of a small patch of wildflowers. I'm so enthralled with their sky blue color...

Go Big or Go Home.
Meet the Bronco:

Brand, spankin' new rototiller.

Who's gonna assemble this?
Panted the delivery man after dragging the heavy box up the hill and into my garage. Hmmm.... I thought to myself. Good question. Which big, strong guy can I sucker into this project?

I like to tackle it alphabetically. I began by whining to Bob, then Gary, John, Mike and Steve. They all promised faithfully to stop over real soon and put the thing together.

Patience is not my strong suit so I decided to assemble it myself.

It took all of 40 minutes. I could have had her done in 15 minutes but I don't have much strength in my hands and the lug nuts were screwed on too tight. I guess as far as complaints go that's a pretty tiny one. This beast was as easy to use as the lawnmower. And, infinitely more fun.

My last project of the busy, busy summer is gonna be a goodie.
Bad Dog is quite delighted at the prospect of a bigger lawn.

What kind of trouble am I stirring up now?
Well, I haven't the heart to tell Bad Dog but more Kentucky Blue Grass doesn't figure into his future. I'm tilling a quarter acre of ugly weeds and turning it into a butterfly habitat. Stay tuned...
Jane is nurturing butterflies, which prompted me to help the butterflies and maybe you can, too.

* Why a Bronco? Because I love horses, of course. This thing is a Troy-Bilt and while they do have other models the names aren't nearly as cool.


Anonymous said...

Why did you get such a big one?

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I've owned tillers before but the little ones don't work very well. It's not as scary as it looks. :D

thismngardener said...

Ooh I can't wait to hear more about this new garden (and see it too!).

Anonymous said...

The bigger the better I always say. I am so impressed you put it together yourself....impressed but not surprised. The new gardens will be gorgeous! KC

Anonymous said...

That will be the envy of the neighborhood. -Chris

Wunx~ said...

Imagine Tim the Toolman Taylor grunts of power tool lust!
More Power!!!

Congrats, hope you have a great time chewing up the hardpan.