Saturday, April 12, 2008

Aging Gracefully

Sho Yu - the Chinese name for Peony also means beautiful. Thank them for hybridizing Peonies, a native of Siberia.

"You're not getting any younger..." so says my Doctor who's medical specialty is the bleeding obvious.
Peonies don't need much fertilizer.
One feeding in the spring gets them off to a strong start.

This has been the most humbling week. I injured my back, making it difficult to do anything other than complain. Fortunately, for me, complaining is a full-time job. So even though I'm laid up, I'm keeping busy!

50-year-old Peonies are quite common and, they're a whole lot better-looking than the 20-somethings.

I always regret visiting this doctor. There's something wrong with people who happily wield needles, though that barely scratches the surface. What I dislike most about him is how he makes me feel so much older than I really am.

Wiggle Room: Peonies hate being crowded. For best flowering, give them 3-4 feet of personal space.

Being told (once again) that I'm getting old is why I'm thinking about Peonies. I'm particularly fond of these big, frilly blossoms plus I love the fact that Peonies just keep getting better and better with age. So do I. And, so do you. (And, the world would be a happier place without doctors like mine.)

Mom's Peonies were older than me when I transplanted them into my garden. Now they're acting like kids again!

Which is precisely what I intend to do as soon as I recuperate.

Tip: Peony leaves produce food stored in the roots over winter. This stored food supports healthy growth the following spring. (Wait until after the first hard frost to cut back their foliage.)

PS: Peonies don't need ants. Ants need peonies. The flower buds secrete a sweet substance that tastes like candy to little ants.

Everything I know about Peonies, I learned from my Mom. If you've got some hot tips, I'd love to hear them!


Iron Needles said...

I have one old peony that survived transplanting 2 years ago. I am hoping for good things!

There are alot of people who believe the 'peonies need ants to bloom'idea!

Wunx~ said...

My very favorite part about peonies has always been the ants.

If you need anything while you're laid up, you know my number...

Anonymous said...

Another snowboarding incident? - max

Anonymous said...

I love peonies too. I do not have enough sun for them or much else for that matter, so I have to enjoy the 50 year old plus plants at my Mom's. I wish the blooms lasted longer.

Sorry to hear your back is giving you problems. I hope you are better soon so you can do what you want at whatever age!