Friday, April 04, 2008

Sun Stars & Snow Glories

In celebration of the first sunny day we've seen in a week, I treated myself to a Sun Star. The happiness of those tangerine blossoms was simply irresistible.

It's the subtle signs of spring that are most pleasing to me. Little noises that indicate we've all survived this wretched winter. Birds singing outside my office window. The sound of scraping pavement and kids' laughter as they try to remember how to skateboard.

My 2 rabble rousing cats disappeared for hours returning in a jolly mood, divulging nothing of their grand adventures.

Bad Dog and his cronies romped in the open field above my home for the better part of the afternoon. Lonely, and very misunderstood, our 1-man-band of an Animal Control officer drives by often but he can't catch them. They're hip to his tricks.

We are still skiing. It's a tradition for us to ski on the 4th of July. But, in the meadows where most of us make our homes, a new season has begun. The very first flower is showing her pretty face.

While I was keeping an eye out for my AWOL pets, I cleared the debris from a melted spot in the garden to discover first Glories of the Snow.

They typically bloom with Daffodils. Though in my garden she almost always beats them to the punch.

Deep breath... spring at last...

* Treat Sun Star bulbs as you do Amaryllis bulbs. Yes, they'll bloom again but it might not be worth the effort.


Wunx~ said...

I love sun stars, they do indeed glow.

tonya said...

How on earth do you keep the deer from gobbling up your garden???? I live at 9200ft in the arid rockies and am a more than a little anxious when I see so many deer pass through daily. What is your secret assuming that there are some parts of your garden that aren't fenced??? Oh, dear...or should I say oh, deer!

Unknown said...

I've never seen a sunstar before. What a beautiful colour--perfect for spring.