Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seeds, Bulbs & Other Cheap Thrills

Half my yard is celebrating spring and so am I. A good month behind kinder climate gardens, the Daffodils are finally threatening great things.

All the trappings of a farm girl summer are getting a jumpstart in my sunny window. Planting from seed saves me a bundle plus it adds 30 days to my too-short growing season.
When I can't afford Hawaii, I buddy up to the Plumeria and fantasize about ocean breezes. (Plumeria is surprisingly easy to grow indoors. Phosphate encourages plentiful blooms.)

"Honk, honk, honk," cry the Canadian Geese. "Not again!" grouse those cranky Sand Hill Cranes. "Harumph!" grumbles a Bull Elk as he rises to his feet and saunters away from the trespassers...

Early this morning, I opened the blinds to discover a hot air balloon, blown off course, bouncing across the Swaner Nature Preserve.

I live in the strangest place. But, somehow it seems to suit me.

Quick-Growing Veggies for Mountain Gardens
  • Cocozelle Bush Zucchini: matures in 50 days.
  • Thessaloniki Tomato: matures in 60 days.
  • Oxheart Carrot: matures in 65 days.
  • Lemon Cucumber: matures in 70 days.

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