Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zen & the Art of Ignoring My Plants

My Plum Bonsai tree is flowering. So, in spite of doing everything wrong, I must also be doing something right.

I could save a fortune on cellphone bills if only AT&T would listen to reason. You see, I think they should offer a plan that lets me call out but nobody can call in. That would save me 50% on my phone bill ~ plus I'd be a whole lot better looking. If the phone would stop ringing, I'd stop tearing my hair out trying to deal with all the requests from people on the other end of the line.

I had a pretty little Plum Bonsai that was asking too much of me, too. Bonsais need misting and soaking and lots of love and attention. I adore this plant but there must be an easier way...

Hmmm... Why raise a needy, little baby tree when I could raise a low-maintenance, full size tree? So, I re-potted her. And, I bought her a little religious icon so she could pray for attention from someone other than me.

Whaddyaknow? She's flowering for the very first time. Alert the media. This master gardener is incapable of raising a Bonsai. However! My flowering, full-size tree is growing quite nicely.

With adequate moisture, Bonsais grow easily. In desert environments, like mine, they require daily care.


Anonymous said...

I have that phone plan! It's called dial-up internet access...

(Seriously, I keep the phone line plugged into the computer instead of the phone, and only plug the phone in when I want to make a call or when I'm specifically expecting a call that I want.)

I'm a novice gardener at moderate altitude (~4500 feet) on the western edge of the Great Basin. Although I'm focusing on learning to grow food and medicine plants instead of pretties, I'm really enjoying your blog and am learning from it too! Thanks, Sue

thismngardener said...