Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Reading Garden

What goes into a Reading Garden?
Color... texture... sound?

What about the gentle babble of a water fountain? Is that pleasing to the ear? Or, would the monotony ruin your concentration?
Mine is a ski town, bursting at the seams with tourists who are missing the best season of all. Come summer, cool temperatures and cloudless blue skies encourage us to spend as much time outside as possible. Bonus: no bugs to pester you.

Which is why we're schemin' and dreamin' on a community garden that encourages one to spread a blanket on the lawn, curl up with a good book and soak in the beauty of a perfect summer day.

I think we're going to test this lawn seed because it uses a lot less water and fertilizer than traditional Kentucky Blue Grass. This project is on a budget - aren't they all? :( We have a water shortage, so we need to be careful.

The entire project is up for debate.

If you've stumbled upon this little bog and have ideas on what goes into a Reading Garden, please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you! (USDA zone 5, full sun to part shade, clay soil.)


Wunx~ said...

I vote YES! on the fountain.

Anonymous said...

I think water features of any kind are always a pleasant addition to most gardens. KC

Iron Needles said...

A fountain.
And things upon which to sit.

Matthew said...

This is fun; I may flesh out my ideas over on my forlorn blog. In my mind the most important thing is comfortable seating as the focal point with everything else working around that. The fountain is good to mask distracting noises. A dark, drab ground cover cuts down glare. Filtered shade might be nice. Plants in complementary color to the seating. Fragrant plants.