Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Southwest Monsoons

Hmmm.... What could this be?
Thunder, lightning ~ things we rarely hear in a high plains desert ~ followed by the sounds of shattering glass. I guessed it was a window... but what window? I couldn't find it.

When I walked out to the deck, to enjoy my early morning coffee, I spotted the victim of the surprise storm. The glass top to the only decent outdoor table I own, shattered into a hundred tiny bits!

Go figure ~ I muttered to myself. Because just last night I'd emailed a BBQ invitation to my master gardening friends. (I'm so very proud of the garden this year, I have to show it off!) I guess now we'll just sit in the grass and enjoy the lovely view.

Fortunately for me, the rowdy girls who populate my gardens seem none the worse for wear:
Southwest Monsoons: a group of savvy meteorologist have taken on the mighty task of educating people about this very real weather pattern. Here it is July 23rd and this is the first rain my flowers have seen all summer!

Wildflowers wait with baited breath for this annual summer deluge. Schedule a hike the week after a heavy drenching to see spectacular blooms celebrate this life-giving rain.


Anonymous said...

Kate--That shattering of a glass-top table is something that has happened to a lot of people; if you google it, you'll find many similar stories. Seems to have been a manufacturing defect of some sort.

Wunx~ said...

If we sit on the ground, BadDog will surely help us eat our BBQ. He'll like that.

Extraneously, you're tagged with a book meme.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the grass sounds good to me. Just as a thought, there is a lady that makes beautiful tables from old patio tables at the Farmer's Market. She puts plywood where the glass used to be and then sets it with broken tiles into gorgeous patterns. Maybe that could be a winter project. I'll get you a picture. KC